Trustless Synthetic Assets

Trade Crypto, Stocks, and Commodities with the power of DeFi. Create Synthetic Assets that track the price of real-world assets.

Scalability at its core

Most Scalable Synthetics Infrastructure

Supporting unlimited number of synthetic assets, that anyone can create and build on top of.

Trade Any Asset, Anytime, On-Chain

Trustless Issuance, Zero Slippage and Composability

Wide Range of Assets

Mint and trade any asset from Crypto to Stocks, Forex & Commodities, without any restrictions or KYC

Feature 01

Zero Slippage Trading

Trade big without worrying about slippage. You get the best price, every time.

Feature 02

Infinite Possiblilities

Create your own Synthetics, build Perps, Options and Indices on top of it

Feature 03

Low Risk

Our Segregated Debt Pool significantly reduces volatility by seperating assets by market risk

Min Fees

Our Low-Risk model allows us to offer the lowest fees in the industry

Community Driven

Will be 100% community owned and governed, with a transparent treasury.


Audited by Blaize Security. 100% Open Sourced. No backdoors. Public team


Build your own Synthetics, Perps, Options and Indices on top of it


No single point of failure. No centralization. No custodial risk

Break the limits of TradFi

Trade without any Restrictions, Custody, or Counterparty risk.

Feature 04
Early anon?

Liquidity Mining is here!

Earn boosted $esSYX rewards by providing early liquidity to pools